Rabbit monoclonal antibody form

ProteoGenix has solved some issues offering a unique rabbit monoclonal antibody production service using phage display antibody library technique.

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies constitute a class of reagents with very high added value for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

They have naturally:


Higher affinity (excellent for IHC usage)

Higher specificity (higher signal to noise ratio)

Excellent for post translational modification detection


as well as higher epitopes recognition compared to other monoclonal antibodies.

Advantages of rabbit monoclonal antibody production by phage display


Phage display is one of the most robust technologies used for large scale study and selection of proteins, peptide and antibodies based on their binding affinity and specificity. We believe that using phage display offers many advantages compared to other technologies for rabbit monoclonal antibodies production:

  • Faster and cost effective

    We can build phage display libraries very quickly. Our technology will radically reduce the time (3 – 5 months) and expenses for your project

  • Higher screening range

    (107– 109)

  • Abundance

    Once we created libraries, we can reproduce them promptly in phage and use them for an unlimited number of screenings

  • Enhance the specificity and stability

    With which antibodies recognize antigens in various environmental conditions

  • Higher production

    Of antibody clones at a time

  • No fusion

    No stability issues of rabbit hybridomas and availability of the antibody sequence to secure it forever

  • Animal protection

    As phage display (from naive libraries) doesn’t require any animal use

ProteoGenix rabbit monoclonal antibody production services content


In this case we offer two possible ways to start the project by phage display:

One method is based on our high diversity naive library, all the genes of the antibodies collected from bone marrow, blood and other samples are included in the library and it is suitable to select antibodies matching with all kinds of antigens. If you are requesting an immunization to have higher chance of getting best binders, we offer the possibility to build an immune library.

Below, the timeframes for the screening of both libraries:

Starting with screening a naive library

Takes about 6-7 weeks (no immunization needed)


Starting with construction and screening an immune library

Takes about 15-18 + 6-7 weeks (including immunization)


Rabbit monoclonal antibody production steps (Immune library)



Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production Steps : immunization of 3-5 animals, phage display library construction, Biopanning : screening, amplification and identification, validation by ELISA


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