XtenCHO™ transient expression system

Remove the guesswork from protein expression for research, bioproduction, and drug development thanks to the new mammalian cell-based transient expression system. The system consists of:
  • XtenCHO™, a low maintenance, high density, and highly robust CHO-K1-derived cell line
  • XtenFect, a highly efficient transfection reagent designed to preserve cell viability and maximize efficiency
  • pXten1, a high expression vector with an optimized promoter XtenCHO™ enhancer, designed to allow optimal performance even at suboptimal conditions
  • XtenCHO™ expression medium, a serum-free and chemically defined medium
The new CHO-based transient system achieves biopharmaceutical-grade quality at a fraction of the cost. Its ultra-high yields allow you to eliminate the use of multiple systems during drug development, reducing timelines and minimizing developability issues. XtenCHO™ was created with smart protocols for seamless integration into existing workflows. It is the ideal system for the small and medium-scale production (1mL to 10L) of antibodies, highly functional enzymes, and other proteins for bioanalytical and drug development applications.
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