As a leading contract research organization, ProteoGenix has an extensive experience in the development of optimized therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Our unique portfolio of integrated services allows us to guide you through your antibody drug discovery journey from target selection to clinical candidate.

One-stop-solution from Gene to Biotherapeutics

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A fully integrated therapeutic antibody development solution from your target to your clinical candidate

Outsourcing early therapeutic antibody discovery and development is often driven by the ability of your service provider to offer integrated solutions. Working with a single partner, from target selection to the clinic, has many advantages:

  • Better control of the process
  • Decreased time to market
  • Easier project management
  • Significant increase in success rate
  • Less risk and unique levels of guarantees
  • Less administrative work

These factors are of primary importance in the drug development race. ProteoGenix understands these major issues. For this reason, we can share our 15 years of expertise to help support your antibody drug discovery and development process.

As each project is unique, our experts design a tailor-made and optimized project plan to help you reach your target. However, we know that drug discovery and development is not always a stable and predictable process. For this reason, ProteoGenix offers therapeutic antibody services which incorporate several milestones (Go / No Go) along the way. We also help our customers in their decision-making process by providing relevant scientific data. These steps also represent unique opportunities to discuss project progress and future outcomes in more depth.

Choosing ProteoGenix means working with a company which has developed more than 300 monoclonal antibodies and more than 100 recombinant proteins for various applications. Our extensive experience in the development and engineering of antibodies allows us to propose a wide range of solutions to successfully develop your clinical candidate. That is why we are confident that we can fulfill all your requirements and offer unrivalled guarantees at each step of our process.

Therapeutic antibody development with ProteoGenix: one project, several solutions

Antigen Design

A key success factor in the generation of high-quality antibodies depends on the quality of the antigen design. With more than 300 monoclonal antibodies successfully developed, ProteoGenix is the best choice for your antigen design. We bring together the largest panel of antigen design solutions (DNA, peptide, 5 different protein expression systems, cell) and the highest expertise on the market to synthesize antigens corresponding to the closest form of your native target. Provide us with your target sequence and our scientists will define the best strategy to generate high-quality antibodies.

Give your project the best possible start by working with ProteoGenix!

Therapeutic Antibody Lead Generation

Helping you find the most suitable solution for your project is our main priority. ProteoGenix offers the choice between in vivo (hybridoma development or phage display on immune library) and in vitro (phage display on naive library) antibody generation techniques.

ProteoGenix proposes a wide range of services related to the phage display technique to generate the best binders for your therapeutic applications. Phage display is the perfect method to discover novel monoclonal antibodies. Our strong expertise in the construction and screening of phage display libraries allows us to offer:

  • The largest naive and immune libraries on the market (up to 1010 clones)
  • In 5 different species: human (Fab, scFv), rabbit (Fab, scFv), mouse (Fab, scFv), llama (VHH), alpaca (VHH)

Choosing our phage display services means also benefiting from at least 3 different binders that can be optimized using our best-in-class therapeutic engineering services.

Hybridoma development is another benchmark in developing therapeutic antibodies. Generating high-quality hybridomas means choosing the best immunization strategy. For this reason, ProteoGenix offers the largest panel of solutions: peptide, protein, cell or DNA immunization. The hybridomas obtained are guaranteed in your choice of functional assay.

Whether your challenge implies a difficult-to-express target or a tight deadline… our highly-skilled scientists undoubtedly have the most accurate solution.

Therapeutic Antibody Engineering

An ideal therapeutic antibody should demonstrate high affinity, high specificity and no immunogenicity. To pave the way to your future blockbuster, ProteoGenix offers a complete toolbox of high-class antibody engineering services including:

  • Humanization services
  • Affinity maturation services
  • Reformatting services : bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, fusion protein antibodies
  • Subtype switching
  • Isotype switching


Characterizing your leads is of primary importance when selecting your best candidate. Going in the wrong direction can be expensive, both in terms of time and money and, at its worst, can lead to the failure of a project.

Making the right decision requires the right information. For this reason, ProteoGenix provides a full-set of biochemical, biophysical and functional characterization including:

  • Antibody integrity analysis : non-reducing and reducing SDS-PAGE
  • IgG quantification : UV280, Octet Red96, Bradford
  • Biological potency : ADCC & CDC
  • Binding analysis : ELISA, Octet Red96
  • Aggregate analysis : SEC-HPLC
  • Stability analysis : differential scanning calorimetry, IR
  • KD determination : SPR (Biacore), SPRi
  • Endotoxin detection test/ removal
  • Glycosylation profile analysis : IR, LC/MS
  • FACS analysis
  • Charge heterogeneity analysis : IEF-CE
  • Activity analysis against the antigen : ELISA, sandwich ELISA, WB

Transient or stable cell line production: XtenCHO™

ProteoGenix, a selection of state-of-the-art equipment to bring your project direct to the clinic

ProteoGenix is continuously investing in new equipment to offer its customers access to the best technologies. Here are few examples of the latest cutting-edge scientific investments we have made.

Third generation DNA sequencing equipment

Third generation sequencing solution

Automated HTP workstation equipment

High Throughput Beckmann Workstation

Bio-Rad equipment lab

Bio-Rad equipment lab

Let’s work together to move your therapeutic antibody development project to the clinic!

As a privileged partner for your therapeutic antibody generation, ProteoGenix is fully committed to contributing to the success of its customers’ biotherapeutic projects. To achieve this goal, we rely on the expertise of scientists with more than 25 years of experience in the development of therapeutic antibodies in different disease areas (including antibodies currently on the market and over 30 antibodies in clinical or preclinical phases) and on best-in-class equipment.

Let us support your therapeutic antibody discovery project and get access to the most complete solution to develop your antibody drug candidate.