Anti-Transcription Factors

Anti- Transcription factors Antibodies

Transcription factors

A transcription factor is a protein that regulates the transcription, which is the conversion of DNA to RNA. They control the expression of genes and thus regulate the translatome, depending on the cell and organism lifecycle. They act differently thanks to their own regulation along with the state of the individual:  cell division, cell growth but also embryonic development as well as more scarcely external signaling response. Hundreds of transcription factors have been identified. It is the largest family of proteins in humans.

Transcription factors activity

Transcription factors bear a DNA-binding Domain (DBD) that target and attaches to a specific DNA sequence. These sequences are promoter or enhancer regions that regulate a nearby gene. Transcription factors may be up- or down-regulators and activate or inhibit RNA polymerase activity. RNA polymerase binding to DNA can be stabilized by transcription factors for example. These proteins act in collaboration to each other and several transcription factors may be necessary to control specific genes. Moreover other different proteins, co-regulators, such as enzymes, may be recruited to participate in this transcription regulation mechanism. They bind to the Activation Domain (AD) of the transcription factor.

Anti-transcription factors antibodies

Transcription factors are critical for development signaling and cell cycle control. Transcription factors are often involved at the end of cell signaling pathways. They can be regulated in different manner from phosphorylation to ligand binding or localization. Mutations occurring on these proteins may be at the origin of diseases and disorders. Antibodies targeting the transcription factors are efficient tools to study the pathways involving these proteins. They may be used to identify, detect or localize the transcription factor or evaluate their activity. ProteoGenix offers a wide range of transcription factors and anti-transcription factors antibodies to help research build the knowledge of their pathways.
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