XtenCHO ™ Expression medium pack

Reference: PX-XTE-006
Product nameXtenCHO ™ Expression medium pack
Expression systemEukaryotic expression
Delivery conditionBlue ice (+4°C), large volume
Delivery lead time in business daysEurope: 5-7 business days
USA & Canada: 7-10 business days
Rest of the world: 5-12 business days
Storage condition4°C
Host speciesMammalian cells
NoteFor research use only
Kit Content10 x 1L bottle
Limited Use Label LicensesLimited Use Label License for internal Research and Development Use of Mammalian Cell Lines Notice to Purchaser: The purchase of this product conveys to the purchaser the limited, non-transferable right to use the purchased amount of the product and progeny, to perform internal research and development for the sole benefit of the purchaser. The purchase of this product does not grant the purchaser any additional rights, including, without limitation: (a) the right to use the product or its components in commercial applications of any kind, including bioproduction (e.g. use of the product to manufacture therapeutic agents or diagnostic test components, such as proteins, antibodies, viral particles or virus-like particles), quality control and commercial services such as reporting the results of purchaser’s activities for a fee or other form of consideration; (b) the right to use the product or its components as a therapeutic agent or diagnostic test component; (c) the right to use the product or its components to produce material for use in human clinical trials; or (d) the right to transfer or resell the product or its components in any form, progeny or derivative. For information on obtaining additional rights, please contact us at contact@proteogenix.fr, Licensing and Commercial Supply, ProteoGenix, 19 rue de La Haye 67300 Schiltigheim, France. TRADEMARKS: All trademarks are the property of ProteoGenix and its subsidiaries unless otherwise specified.

Description of XtenCHO ™ Expression medium pack

XtenCHO™ Expression Medium

The XtenCHO™ Expression Medium is specifically designed and optimized for small to medium-scale recombinant protein production in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells (CHO). This medium is serum free, animal component free and chemically-defined. This chemical definition enables a high batch to batch reproducibility and reliability. Moreover, the serum free medium allows very high transfection efficiency. This medium optimizes productivity and sustains balanced growth and viability of transfected cells in suspension. In combination with the XtenCHO™ Cells and the XtenCHO™ transfection Kit , it has achieved to reach a production yield of 904mg/L for recombinant antibody production! This makes this system the leader of its market.

XtenCHO™ Expression Medium use

This medium has proven highly efficient for transient transfection of XtenCHO™ Cells from a few mL to 10L production volume. It can be used for the transfection as well as for the sub culturing of cells, making experiment easier for researchers. The protocols provided with the XtenCHO Starter Kit shows how to use the XtenCHO™ Expression Medium in a simple and adaptable manner to better suit your lab and needs. For transfection protocol XtenCHO™ Expression Medium requires additional supplementation of L-Glutamine (8mM) and Anti-clumping agent (0.5%). L-Glutamine and Anti-clumping agent are supplementary key elements to reach maximal production yield. However L-Glutamine is quickly hydrolyzed in medium, decreasing its actual concentration and generating byproducts of hydrolysis which can be toxic to the cells. The Anti-clumping agent should not be added in the XtenCHO™ Expression Me¬dium during the transfection or it would result in decreased protein yields. It is recommended to use XtenCHO™ Expression Medium for cultures in disposable, sterile, vented, baffled Erlenmeyer shake flask with incubator shaker set at 37°C with ≥80% relative humidity and 5% CO2.
The XtenCHO™ Expression Medium is a major component of the XtenCHO™ Starter Kit. It can also be delivered worldwide separately at your convenience.

Up to 10x higher yields without supplemental feeds

Therapeutic antibodies from several IgG subclasses and isotypes (IgG1-kappa and lambda, IgG2-lambda, IgG4-kappa) were produced with XtenCHO ™ cells and in parallel with CHO-S ™ and ExpiCHO ™ expression systems. XtenCHO ™ cells were transfected with ProteoGenix' proprietary TGE system (transfection protocol, transfection reagent and culture medium). CHO-S ™and ExpiCHO ™ cells were transfected according to manufacturer's instructions for each expression system (protocol, reagents and culture medium). Determination of production yields was done with an Octet Red96 system (Protein G biosensor).


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