Our extended experience in delivering phage display services to our customers to identify binding partners is very useful to offer strong antibody affinity maturation service via phage display. Our cutting edge technologies allow us to improve affinity of the selected antibodies in phage display. Antibody affinity maturation via random mutagenesis and phage display is an additional optional step after antibody selection by phage display screening service.


Affinity improvement

Large library construction of a few pre-selected antibodies

Fast affinity optimization


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Antibody optimization by affinity maturation


The aim of this service is to increase the affinity of an antibody to its target.

Representation of the distinctions between each type of antibody (including the affinity maturation)

Representation of the distinctions between each type of antibody (including the affinity maturation)


To do so, random mutagenesis is performed on complementarity determining regions (CDRs).The random mutagenesis performed to synthetize a second library containing 108 variants starts from the 3 to 10 selected antibodies from the previous phage display screening. So if we get 10, we build the library from 10 clones. Another panning is performed on this library and 3 to 10 new variants may be obtained.

Procedure Time
Library construction 2-3 months


(Screening, amplification
and identification)

1-2 months

3-5 months


What are the affinity maturation steps?


Affinity maturation steps : phage display cycle, affinity of binders can be increased by isolation of their genes from phages, creation of new variants by random mutagenesis, cloning and transformation, new library of antibody fragments

When should I envisage affinity maturation?


Affinity maturation is important in diagnostics and therapeutics as well as many other applications requiring strong antibody-antigen interactions.

When developing antibodies, many features can be required such as functionality (inhibiting activities for instance), specificity, use in particular applications and of course affinity. But it can be tricky to select an antibody with all these features from the start. It is therefore relevant to first focus on the functionality and application before working on improving the affinity using our phage display platform.

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