In 2003, ProteoGenix was incorporated with the idea of developing diagnostic assays and biotherapeutics targeting proteins discovered by its founders. The management quickly understood the incredible value of high quality antibodies and proteins required to succeed in opening the sealed off doors of the biopharma products way to the clinic.

Indeed, the features of the developed biomolecules predetermine their potential to pass the difficult obstacles along the way to the clinic fraught with pitfalls. ProteoGenix’ idea of sharing its experience in therapeutic antibodies and custom assays with the life science community quickly arise. As a major CRO and favorite biopharma partner, ProteoGenix is proud of significantly improving the success rate of biomolecules reaching the IND application.

As a service integrator, we guide our customers from early discovery to the clinic. Our major concern is to anticipate all future requirements of the biomolecules from the start and design the development strategy accordingly. This implies to provide an extensive range of innovative solutions and technologies. Thus, with more than 15 years of experience and a solid international notoriety, we account for a unique and customized access to 6 areas of complementary services structured around:

  • Antibody engineering (Humanization, Bi-specific, ADC, affinity maturation, molecule optimization)
  • Bioprocess development (IP free stable cell line development, fermentation and bioreactor production optimization)
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development (Hybridoma method and Phage Display)
  • Recombinant protein and antibody production (E. coli, B. subtilis, Yeast, Insect cells, Mammalian cells)
  • Gene synthesis
  • Peptide synthesis

Our R&D labs constantly feed our processes with outstanding innovations like XtenCHO™ (a cell line for transient expression exceeding ExpiCHO’s productivity performance).

We also developed an extensive catalog of 200 000+ products available on our online shop through a very efficient search engine that allows you to find the product you are looking for very easily. It gathers antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, cell separation media, nucleic acid purification kits…

ProteoGenix moved into brand new state-of-the-art green facilities in January 2013

Proteogenix therapeutic antibody company

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