ProteoGenix Company Profile

ProteoGenix is a leading life sciences contract research organization (CRO) which provides services in molecular biology immunology, in particular solutions involving antibodies, proteins, peptides, and gene services. Since 2003, ProteoGenix customers have experienced a high level of service in the fields of polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, recombinant protein expression and purification, peptide synthesis, as well as gene synthesis. ProteoGenix’s commitment to its clients is to ensure their access to comprehensive and integrated solutions to help them develop the tools they need to efficiently conduct their biology and research projects in a time-efficient manner.


Beginning with the synthesis of the gene, ProteoGenix develops all the materials required for immunoassay services and if necessary we have in-house expertise offering ELISA and blot studies. ProteoGenix’s exceptional and functional expertise combined with our extensive scientific knowledge and experience ensures that ProteoGenix is a reliable partner to develop antibodies, produce proteins and synthesize genes (cDNA) and peptides.
Our custom services ensure a unique and tailored production process to our clients revolving around four areas :


  • Protein expression and purification in E. Coli, yeast, insect cells (baculovirus) and mammalian cells
  • Monoclonal antibody production and polyclonal antibody production
  • Gene synthesis, subcloning and mutagenesis
  • Peptide synthesis, purification and conjugation


ProteoGenix also provides the research and academic communities with a wide range of commercial products available on our website such as antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, tissue microarrays, chimera RNAi, molecular biology products as well as many more.


In addition, we research and develop innovative diagnostic and screening products for cancer. Indeed, our routine one-hybrid screening platform allows us to identify interesting new targets. Each one is validated using corresponding antibodies and proteins especially designed for it. ELISA assays are designed to characterize target expression on human patient serum samples. Six targets are currently being developed; these are at different stages of progression. The company’s mission is to offer to the health community new tools for the diagnosis and screening of cancer in order to actively participate in decreasing the morbidity related to these ever more frequent pathologies.

ProteoGenix moved into brand new state-of-the-art green facilities in January 2013:

ProteoGenix Laboratories