ProteoGenix has strong experience in recombinant protein production in Pichia pastoris but also offers services in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The resulting proteins expressed in yeast are usually highly glycosylated. Depending on a customer’s budget, we can offer our standard package where we test a limited number of conditions, but also our high throughput screening platform that can include the evaluation of up to several thousands of conditions in a few weeks.


Standard Yeast Protein Expression package:

  • Project study
  • Endotoxin free plasmid preparation
  • Yeast strain(s) transformation
  • Expression evaluation under different conditions (strain, temperature, time, inductor concentration…)
  • SDS/PAGE analysis and WB if necessary
  • Purification tests
  • SDS/PAGE analysis and WB if necessary
  • 1L expression and purification scale up
  • SDS/PAGE analysis and WB if necessary
  • Final detailed report
  • Purified protein
  • 6 - 7 weeks

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