With more than 15 years of experience in custom gene synthesis, gene subcloning, recombinant protein production, and antibody development, 90+ technical experts, and PhD account managers with considerable field expertise in gene synthesis services, resulting from
over a decade of experience, and state of the art equipment, ProteoGenix has demonstrated its core expertise in this domain.

Our high success rate in protein and antibody production also relies on the quality of our gene sequence engineering work and codon optimization service, both of which are based on strong empirical data, while providing cost effective, one-stop-shop solutions.

Multiple accreditations, 700+ customers and over 85% repeat business for gene synthesis alone; this is a true reflection of the confidence that customers place in us. We have a diverse customer base including academia – universities, public research laboratories, as well as industry, including pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, diagnostics, veterinary science, the agri-food industry etc. We offer customer-focused and flexible gene synthesis solutions. With rapid turnaround times (<7 days) and competitive pricing starting from 0.15€/bp we ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our featured publications cited below illustrate examples of successful case studies that have used our genes.

Free codon optimization using ProteoGenix’s proprietary, high efficiency, codon optimization algorithm, choice of vector used, site-directed mutagenesis and gene variant libraries; these are just a few things that set us apart from the competition. We have a library of cloning vectors and also offer you the flexibility of using your own vector. Our existing gene libraries, containing several dozen pre-synthesized, human wild type genes drive down costs and make our processes more efficient. Gene synthesis has been widely used for improving the expression of genes and has leveraged expensive techniques such as RT-PCR, RACE etc. Fast and reliable access to multiple cDNA sequences, the removal of unwanted restriction sites by the introduction of desired mutations, and the ability to drive speedy and effective antibody drug discovery, not only through rapid gene synthesis services, but also by leveraging our high-throughput platform for protein synthesis; these are just some of the advantages of working with ProteoGenix.

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We can provide you with custom gene synthesis solutions, from short sequences to very long (up to 40kb) genes. To order gene synthesis fragments >3kb, don’t hesitate to contact us. ProteoGenix is known for its completion of projects with a wide range of complexity levels for sequences with high or low GC content. Our cost-effective pricing and short turnaround times make us the partner of choice for leading research institutions across the globe. Over 15 years of gene synthesis service experience provide our clients with the opportunity to create any custom synthetic DNA sequence.

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Our complementary gene synthesis services include

Applications of custom gene synthesis

Immunology and antibody discovery

  • Recombinant antibodies can be synthetically engineered to reduce immunogenicity while enhancing specificity, stability, cross-reactivity and affinity, for increased safety and efficacy. Monoclonal antibodies are the new generation biotherapeutics.

Synthetic biology

  • Synthetic biology applies custom gene synthesis and utilizes it to build artificial biological systems for research, engineering and medical applications. The CRISPR/Cas9 system for gene editing has been hailed by The Washington Post as “the most important innovation in the synthetic biology space in nearly 30 years”.


  • Agrigenomics research is being emphasized to optimize agricultural productivity and nutrition.


  • The use of biomarkers and companion diagnostics as neuro/chemical/biological indicators in research are driving the onset of precision medicine. Medical practitioners depend on a patient’s pharmacogenomic profile to detect genetic disorders.

Cancer research

  • Custom gene synthesis advancements have seen a major increase in the data produced by cancer research initiatives. Using Next Generation Sequencing and whole genome targeting, scientists are better understanding protein functioning in oncogenesis.

Phage display

  • Phage display is a powerful tool to screen antibody related DNA libraries. Generating DNA libraries for antibody engineering requires strong molecular biology skills to generate relevant cDNA to build a powerful library.

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Julia Asencio Hernández,
Project Leader,

” The optimized genes ordered were of excellent quality, were cost-effective and perfectly adapted for biochemical and biophysical studies. In addition, the account manager in charge of the service advised us really well before and after the sales process, and we got the constructs on time. “

Gene Synthesis Online Ordering System – 0.18€ /bp

  • ONLINE PAYMENT (credit card , wire transfer ..)

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