Monoclonal antibody production

Antibody production form

ProteoGenix combines the most extended range of services and the best experts for monoclonal antibody production. Looking for therapeutic antibody or custom assay development? We make sure to put the necessary resources and solutions to give the highest chance to deliver the perfect antibody. Our experts and account managers guide you!

Our platforms of monoclonal
antibody production

Antibody phage display

Antibody phage display

Choose our unique antibody phage display guaranteed service. Phage display is highly relevant for therapeutic monoclonal antibody development. It offers several advantages such as the possibility to screen directly a wide range of libraries (llama, rabbit…) including human libraries and avoids animal use.

Hybridoma development for monoclonal antibody production

Hybridoma development

Thanks to a success rate of over 98% on more than 500 antibodies projects, ProteoGenix is able to offer the strongest guarantees on the market for hybridoma development. Our application guaranteed packages even include the sending of a test sample to confirm that the antibodies work in your own lab before releasing full payment!

Recombinant antibody production

Recombinant antibody production

ProteoGenix developed XtenCHOTM, the most productive expression system for transient monoclonal antibody production. Thanks to its outstanding performances, get your purified antibodies starting from 730€!

Antibody affinity maturation

Antibody affinity maturation

Get access to more than 28 years of expertise in affinity maturation with ProteoGenix! Our affinity maturation service by phage display is all inclusive from library construction to antibody expression and tests.

Stable cell line generation

Stable cell line generation

Get the most productive IP free stable cell line on the market! Our stable cell line development service based on our proprietary cell line aims at offering high productivity at competitive price and FTO without royalties!

DNA immunization for antibody generation

DNA immunization

ProteoGenix developed high-class DNA immunization services to overcome the barrier of difficult-to-express antigens. This technology allows polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production against the antigen in its native conformation.

Ascites antibody production

Ascites and culture supernatant production

As part of our antibody production services, we offer culture supernatant production and purification with serum, serum-free, or animal-free and ascites production and purification from mice.
We recommend antibody production in culture supernatant in any case.

Antibody conjugation and fragmentation

Antibody conjugation and fragmentation

ProteoGenix offers many types of conjugation services, such as biotin, HRP, AP (alkaline phosphatase), fluorochromes. These conjugations will be useful for most applications involving immune detection including sandwich ELISA kits.

Why choose ProteoGenix for your
monoclonal antibody production?

Custom monoclonal antibodies
Monoclonal antibody production for many applications

Therapeutic, diagnostic or research… Our integrated solutions allow us to overcome all your challenges!

High quality monoclonal antibody production
High-class Monoclonal antibody production service

ProteoGenix surrounds itself with the best antibody production experts. In average, 25 average years of experience and strong track records.

Animal free monoclonal antibody generation
Animal free solutions

Your monoclonal antibody production project can be fully developed without the use of any animal.

Monoclonal antibody development experts
PhD account managers

Our account managers are highly skilled scientists! They are at your disposal to guide you and bring a concrete added value to your project.

IP free mAb production
IP free solutions

We propose IP free monoclonal antibody production from discovery to stable cell line generation. Submit us your project and get YOUR monoclonal antibody!

Integrated monoclonal antibody development
Multiple platforms

Antibody phage display, hybridoma development, antibody engineering and antibody production. We provide all solutions to maximize success rates.

Monoclonal antibody production from
antigen design to bioproduction

Antigen design for custom monoclonal antibodies

Antigen design

  • Peptide
  • Protein
  • DNA
Monoclonal antibody generation

Monoclonal antibody generation

  • Hybridoma development
  • Antibody phage display
Monoclonal antibody engineering

Antibody engineering

  • Monoclonal antibody humanization
  • Antibody affinity maturation
  • Conjugation and fragmentation
  • Isotype switching
  • Subtype switching
Antibody production services

Monoclonal antibody production

  • Recombinant antibody production
  • Stable cell line generation
  • Ascites and culture supernatant

Our monoclonal antibody production is fully customizable and made to be adaptable to your project. Tell us about your project, select the services you need and get your perfect monoclonal antibody!

Antigen design

Antigen design is an essential step to get the most appropriate monoclonal antibodies for your application. Since 2003, ProteoGenix has performed:

As an expert in gene, protein and peptide synthesis, ProteoGenix takes care of providing exceptionally high-purity antigens. All our antigens are designed in such a way to be as close as possible as the native antigen you are targeting. This guarantees the best quality of your monoclonal antibody production.

Monoclonal antibody generation

ProteoGenix strives at providing the most complete range of solutions for your monoclonal antibody production. Developing monoclonal antibodies without animal use or against a toxic antigen are challenges we can easily overcome thanks to our antibody phage display services. Hybridoma development remains a reference for the generation of high affinity antibodies. Thus, it represents the gold-standard for custom assay development.

Monoclonal antibody engineering

ProteoGenix selected the world best experts in antibody engineering (average experience of 25 years) to take care of your monoclonal antibody development. Monoclonal antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, conjugation/fragmentation, our full-range of antibody engineering possibilities was conceived to provide global solutions for your therapeutic antibody and custom assay development projects.

With 3 therapeutic antibodies on the market and 30+ in preclinical or clinical trials, our unrivalled track record demonstrates our ability to construct successful monoclonal antibody development strategies even in the most challenging environments.

Monoclonal antibody production

We propose monoclonal antibody production depending on your needs:

  • from small to large scale

  • in vivo (ascites production) or in vitro (hybridoma cell culture, recombinant antibody production, stable cell line generation).

Choosing the best monoclonal antibody production service will mainly depend on several criteria such as:

  • the amount of antibody needed

  • your final application

  • your timeline

  • your budget

Contact our PhD account managers and benefit from their long-standing experience in monoclonal antibody production to determine the most relevant strategy for your project.

Hybridoma development or antibody phage display for your monoclonal antibody production?

Choosing between hybridoma development and antibody phage display can critically impact the success of your project. For this reason, we put at your disposal our long-standing experience in monoclonal antibody production to assist you in your decision-making process. Only two minutes will be necessary to make the right decision thanks to our Antibody Production Quiz.

Once monoclonal antibody production is chosen, the next step is to determine which antibody generation method is the most relevant. Basically, hybridoma and phage display remain the 2 most popular technologies. The final choice will depend on several parameters.

Hybridoma Phage display
Species Mouse/Rat No limitations
Direct access to sequence & recombinant antibody No Yes (excellent for therapeutic antibodies)
Potential antigen immunogenicity issue Yes No (naïve library only)
Potential clone viability issue Yes No
Antibody sensitivity High Medium
Antibody diversity Medium High
Lead time +++ +
Budget + +++
Animal protection Animal injections and sacrifice No animal use (naïve library only)

Depending on your budget, time, and the importance of your monoclonal antibody production project, we can advise to go for both antibody phage display and hybridoma development in parallel in order to obtain a wider range of clones and increase the probability to succeed to get the perfect antibody.

Hybridoma technology is highly relevant for monoclonal antibody generation with high sensitivity for the target antigen. Thus, this antibody production method is the reference for assay development. Due to its lower price compared to phage display, hybridoma development represents also a good alternative for therapeutic antibody development. In this context, our hybridoma development service can be associated to our antibody humanization and affinity maturation services to get an optimized humanized antibody.

In most of cases, antibody phage display will be the preferred method for therapeutic antibody development. Phage display is based on cDNA fragments obtained from the mRNA isolated from B lymphocytes. B lymphocytes can originate from various species without any restriction, including humans. The cDNA coding for VH and VL segments can be cloned in an expression vector next to a protein of a bacteriophage (usually pIII, pVII or pVIII) before infecting E. coli. This results in large libraries (~1010) which can be screened indefinitely for new antibody generation.

Antibody phage display for therapeutic antibody discovery offers several advantages:

  • High antibody diversity depending on the size of libraries,

  • Possibility to screen directly human libraries (direct access to fully human antibodies),

  • Possibility to screen toxic antigens,

  • Fast process including fast access to the antibody sequence and to recombinant antibody production,

  • No animal use once the library is made.