ProteoGenix’ mission is to offer high-class custom antibody services and our main concern is therefore
to deliver antibodies that will reach our customers’ expectations and help them generate innovation.


Starting from 3590€

ProteoGenix offers unique high-class monoclonal antibody packages, with high levels of guarantee. Offering such guarantees is only possible because our success rate is high, since we put incomparable effort into all the development process.

According to your final application, your budget, and the level of guarantee you are looking for, you will surely find a package among those below that will meet your needs.
At the end of the package process, we send you a purified monoclonal antibody sample to test it. We charge you the full package price only if the antibody meets your expectations.


Starting from 8900€

ProteoGenix is providing phage display technology-based services and library screening services. This method presents lots of advantages over standard hybridoma development methods. Among others, it can overcome weak immunogenic antigens, delivers human (or other species) sequences, avoid animal use…

Our services include the construction of custom made antibody libraries (screening from a naïve library or construction and screening of an immune library) and affinity maturation of your antibodies. You need the best antibodies to develop your drug candidates.


Starting from 220€

ProteoGenix has more than 14 years of experience in polyclonal antibody production with more than 1500 antibodies generated including a large number of rabbit polyclonal antibodies.

We offer a One-Stop solution for your polyclonal antibodies generation project as we are able to cover all the different steps if needed (gene synthesis, antigen production in 5 systems, animal immunizations, antibody purification and antibody conjugation).
Try our entertaining polyclonal antibody form to see prices, content, lead times and deliverables in a few clicks.


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ProteoGenix offers all related antibody production services such as ascites production and purification from mice, culture supernatant production with serum, serum-free, or animal-free.
We can produce your antibodies on small or large scales in ascites, even though we recommend producing culture supernatants in any case.

Therefore, we have different technologies to adapt the production of your monoclonal antibodies from culture supernatants at the best prices.
You can provide your own hybridomas or let us develop new hybridomas to use for your Ig production request.


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ProteoGenix offers many types of conjugation services, such as biotin, HRP, AP (alkaline phosphatase) and fluorochromes. These conjugations are useful for most applications involving immune detection.
We also develop your own sandwich ELISA-based kits.

Fab fragmentation with papain and Fab’2 fragmentation with pepsin are part of the antibody services available at ProteoGenix.


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ProteoGenix has developed and optimized genetic immunization services and technologies in order to offer a successful alternative for antibody production against difficult-to-express targets but also for early DNA vaccine development studies. Other strong advantages of DNA immunization include no need for in vitro expression of antigen, highly relevant antigen conformation due to the use of native form, reduced lead times and costs and generation of high affinity therapeutic antibodies.

Its strong and wide expertise in antibody production allows ProteoGenix to offer highly flexible and customized genetic immunization services for hybridoma generation, polyclonal antibody development as well as immune phage display library creation. Whatever your needs and requirements we can propose you the optimal solution that will pave the way to your success at all levels, from R&D to clinical and commercial.

ProteoGenix leading in custom antibody production


We believe that our business structure is totally designed to provide the best monoclonal antibodies for several reasons:

  • Antigen design and production are key factors for the successful development of a high quality antibody. As a multi-services company, we have considerable experience in protein production and peptide synthesis. The antigen production strategy is therefore carefully thought through before starting any antibody project, and various cutting edge methods are utilized in order to prepare the most appropriate immunogen.
  • We offer strong guarantees, such as guaranteed packages for a wide variety of applications including:  Western blot, flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, and sandwich ELISA development. Taking our responsibility for the quality of the supplied antibodies drives our motivation to succeed.
  • Our large range of services in antibodies and proteins allows us to keep a high level of flexibility during processing to adapt to different situations and take the most appropriate measures to reach the goal. We can more or less use the best and most suitable technologies/platforms to deliver the perfect antibodies to our customers.
  • Our animal facilities have accreditation from AAALAC International, demonstrating our commitment to responsible animal care and use and good science.

AAALAC Accreditation