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+ Why choose ProteoGenix as your favorite solid phase peptide synthesis provider?
- Our success rate is higher than most other custom service suppliers.
- We have a strong experience in synthesizing difficult peptides: 100 to 150AA long peptides, hydrophobic peptides or repeated sequences…
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Brief shortlist of all available peptide related services offered by ProteoGenix:
- fmoc solid phase Peptide synthesis
- Large range of Peptide modifications
- Peptide library synthesis and design
- Small to large scale peptide synthesis from mgs to kgs
- Simple, complex and circular peptide synthesis, with large repeats
- Very long sequences of more than 150 mer
- HPLC purities ranging from crude to above 99%
- Multiple Antigenic Peptides (MAPs)
- Use of special or unnatural amino acids like Homo-tyrosine, DL-m-tyrosine, Nal, Pal, 4-Cl-Phe-OH, D-amino acids, phosphotyrosine, beta amino acids…
- Arrays and libraries for screening or epitope mapping purposes
- Peptide content analysis (N%)

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+ What purity would you advise me to use for my peptide synthesis project?
ProteoGenix proposes a large range of purity levels for your peptides:
- Crude peptide / Desalted peptide
- Immunograde peptide (purity >75%): the crude peptide is precipitated and washed several times for the complete extraction of organic impurities and to remove most secondary products. This level of purity of the peptides is usually enough for generating or testing antibodies.
- Purified peptides (purity >85%): further purification by preparative HPLC allows the elimination of peptides resulting from incomplete coupling (i.e. peptide lacking one or more amino acids). The 85% purified peptides can be used for antiserum production, ELISA antibody titration and monoclonal antibody production for example.
- Highly purified peptide (purity >95%): this level of purity is required for most biological or enzyme activity studies.
- Purity > 98% or > 99% can also be performed.
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Special Amino Acids

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Lowercase letters are considered by our system as D-Amino Acids, if you do not require this type of Amino Acids, please replace yellow highlighted letters by capital letters.

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Your sequence contents more than 8 consecutive identical characters or Lys or Arg which may lead to synthesis difficulties and the sequence should be checked by our chemist to provide a quotation.

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As a world leader in custom peptide synthesis, ProteoGenix has offered high quality services at affordable prices for the last 13 years.

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Peptide modifications

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Warning, you need more than 3 modifications on your peptide which may lead to synthesis difficulties and the sequence should be checked by our chemist to provide a quotation.

5-TAMRA (side chain of Lys)
Biotin (side chain of Lys)
5-FAM (side chain of Lys)
FITC (side chain of Lys)
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Amide cyclic (Side chain, end) - Head to tail Dansyl (side chain of Lys) Tyr (3-NO2)
Multiple Antigenic Peptide System - Asymmetric 2 Branches (Pure) Multiple Antigenic Peptide System - Asymmetric 4 Branches (Crude) Multiple Antigenic Peptide System - Asymmetric 8 Branches (Crude)
N15/C13 Labeled peptides
3,5-dibromoTyrosine (D)1-Nal {beta-homoAla}
Gamma-D Benzophenylalanine (Bpa) tertbutoxycarbonyl
D-Gly(Allyl) D-Phg Methacrylamid
Dab D-Beta-Asp D-Abu
(D)2-Pal (D)4-Cl-Phe Mpa
{beta-HomoAsp} {beta-HomoGlu} {beta-HomoTrp}
{beta-HomoVal} {Boc} {Cpg}
Cyclopentylglycine SMC Decanoic acid C10
{Cys(Me)} {D-2-Me-Trp} {Dec}
{D-HomoArg} {D-HPh} {Har}
D-HomoPhe HomoArg {D-HomoPro}
{HomoCit} {HomoLeu} {HomoPro}
HomoLeu {L-2-Nal}/{D-2-Nal} {L-3-Pal}/{D-3-Pal}
{L-1-Nal}/{D-1-Nal} {L-2-Pal}/{D-2-Pal} {L-4-Cl-Phe}/{D-4-Cl-Phe}
{L-4-F-Phe}/{D-4-F-Phe} - 4-F-Phe {L-4-I-Phe}/{D-4-I-Phe} {L-4-NO2-Phe}/{D-4-NO2-Phe}
{Lys(Maleimide)}, (middle) {Ser(octanoic acid)} {Ste}
12-Aminododecanoic acid 2-furoyl 3-(p-Hydroxyphenyl)propionic Acid
3-Indolylacetic acid (N-Terminal) 4-acetoamidobenzoic acid Anhydride bromoacetate (Br-CH2-CO)
Biotin (without Lys in sequence) Bip (Biphenylalanine) (N-Terminal) Br-Ac- {N terminus)}
{L-4-Pal}/{D-4-Pal} Stearic acidC18 Palmitic acid C16
Cinnamoyl : {Pal} Cys(Acm) Cys(NPys)
Lys(Ac) Lys(Gly) {Lys(Cys)}
Cys(tBu) Lys(Dde) Lys(Alloc)
Cysteic acid Dansyl (Lys in sequence) Dinitrobenzoylation (Lys)
DL-Lipoic acid (N-Terminal) DTPA (N-Terminal) Fatty acid (N-Terminal)
Cys(MOB) Hexanoyl Octanoyl
Heptanoyl Hexafluoroisopropanol solvent (HFIP) Linoleic
Lys(Bip) (Biphenylalanine) Lys(Hynic) Lys(Pen)
Lys(TMR) (middle) Methionine sulphoxide Myoglobin (sigma M5696-100MG)
N-cinnamoyl (N-terminal) NHEt (C-terminal) NHisopen (C-terminal)
OBzl (C-terminal) Oleic acid >99% Ovalbumin (sigma A5503-1G)
Palmitoylation (side chain of Cys) Perfluorodecanoic C10 Sar
Rhodamine110 TBzl (C-terminal) Thioglycerol
Tosyl (N-terminal) Tyr(3-I)/Tyr(3,5-I)/Phe(4-I) Tyr(SO3H2) - Sulfated Tyr
Methionine sulfoxid Methionine sulfone

Disulfide bridge

Cys n°
Cys n°
Cys n°
Cys n°
Cys n°
Cys n°
TFA removal / Salt Switch
Aliquoting in vials of mg
× Warning! Minimal quantity per via is 1mg, please adjust the number of vial for the quantity per vial to be superior or equal to 1mg

Do you need special analysis? *

Special analysis of your peptide

Peptide content analysis (N%)
Peptide content analysis (TFA%)
Peptide content analysis (water%)
Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) - qualitative
GMP like peptides

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