Custom peptide synthesis starting from 2.76 € / AA


One of the world’s most competitive peptide synthesis supplier.

As a world leader in custom peptide synthesis, ProteoGenix has delivered thousands of custom peptides since its inception in 2003. Our valuable customers choose us in order to have access to high quality research grade peptides at reasonable prices in a very short turnaround time.

Our guaranteed services ensure you get a material that corresponds to your specifications in terms of amount, purity and sequence. We provide HPLC and mass spectrometry profiles with every peptide sequence that we synthetize.

We are capable of synthesizing difficult sequences of small and large size from milligram to gram levels. We also offer a large range of common to very specific and complex peptide modifications as well as isotopically labeled amino acids.

Our organization is designed to offer low cost peptide synthesis and modification services. Indeed, our large volumes of production allows us to lower the cost of production to the minimum. We synthetize your peptides with fast and worldwide delivery.

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Additional discounts can be offered on volumes and for first time customers in peptide production.