ProteoGenix has extensive experience in recombinant protein production and is able to offer services in most systems, including E. coli, B. subtilis, yeast (P. pastoris, S. cerevisiae), insect cells and mammalian cells. We provide standard packages for each of these systems at competitive prices but also more advanced packages in which we test expression in all these systems in parallel.

Depending on the project requirements we use either flasks or fermentors and bioreactors of up to 120L. We study each project carefully to design the best strategies in order to get an optimal production yield and purity. We usually vary a large number of parameters in order to design an optimized production protocol from the molecular biology step to the downstream process.

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Protein production in E. coli

Protein production in B. subtilis

Protein production in yeast

Protein production in insect cells / baculovirus

Protein production in mammalian cells

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