Ascites production and purification

As a monoclonal and polyclonal antibody expert, ProteoGenix offers all related services such as ascites production and purification from mice. We can produce antibodies on a small or large scales in ascites, even though we recommend producing culture supernatants for large scale production. You can provide your own hybridomas or let us develop new hybridomas to use for your Ig production request.


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Production in culture supernatant

As part of our custom antibody services, we produce antibodies from culture supernatants either from hybridomas developed by ourselves or hybridomas provided by our customers. We can produce, in a serum or serum-free medium, milligrams to grams of purified antibody. We have various technologies available for production, such as flasks, roller bottles, hollow fibers, wave bags and bioreactors.
ProteoGenix can also check your antibodies for mycoplasma, identify the isotype, define the best production method, make pilot production runs, or produce master and working cell banks.

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