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Cancer research area is developing fast nowadays as awareness is growing and more and more people are victim of this disease. Cancer diseases gather the many abnormal cell growths and divisions. These tumors can spread among various organs and invade multiple part of a body. The study of cancer, oncology, may be separated according to the targeted organs. Thus breast, lung, colon, liver, prostate cancers are studied differently. Cancer cells are also classified depending on the types of cell they inherit from. Lymphoma arises from lymphocytes while leukemia is from blood cells originating from the bone marrow.  Carcinoma originates in epithelial cells. Sarcoma derives from mesenchymal cells. Blastoma arises from embryonic cells. Finally cancer stem cell is focusing on pluripotent stem cells.
Most of cancers are caused by genetic mutation acquired during the life time. Indeed, these mutations happen every second in one's body. However the organism has a regulation system of abnormal behavior. The programmed cell death is supposed to eliminate such failed cells. When this system is overwhelmed, these cells grow and divide, the offsprings keeping the ability to resist to programmed cell death, growing and dividing rapidly. Malignant cells can diffuse in the body. This phenomenon is known as metastasis.
Cancer can be induced by many factors. Among them are the diet of the individual, his past infections or immune deficiency, or its exposure to chemicals and radiations.
Proteogenix offers a wide range of cancer related products such as biomarkers or cancer antibodies to enable you to thrive in this research field.

Cancer science

Cancer Biomarker

The cancer biomarkers are proteins that indicate the development of a tumor by their presence or absence or abnormal behavior. Biomarkers may be present in infected tissues and fluids. They may be either secreted or present at the cell surface. These biomarkers can be used as state evaluation in a cancer therapy. Therefore they are in great development and more biomarkers are pinpointed in cancer research studies.

Cancer therapies

Cancer therapies consist of different methods. Chemotherapy is the use of reagents that are able to kill tumor cells while not being toxic for the whole organism. It depends on cancer cells specific properties such as fast division. This technique is greatly developed to design reagents able to target the tumor cells with a growing specificity. Radiotherapy is the targeted ionization of DNA in cancerous cells on multiple angles without damaging the tissues around the tumor. Surgery is often also used to remove the solid cancer cells. Immunotherapy is the use of antibodies to stimulate the immune system.

Examples of cancer proteins

As cancer is deeply studied, many targets of treatments are regularly discovered. Keratin, for example, is a protein expressed in epithelial cells. Its expression level can be an indicator of tumors. Tumor Necrosis Factors are cytokines involved in the immune response. In case of cancer they can prevent the growth of the tumor and stimulate the immune system, reason for the deep research about these proteins.
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