With our wide experience in all the process for years, ProteoGenix has built one of the most performing recombinant monoclonal antibody production platform in the world. ProteoGenix offers recombinant antibody production through optimized transient expression platform and IP free mammalian cell lines.

Transient expression in Mammalian cells or Stable cell line

Guaranteed services: quantity guaranteed after pilot study

Cost-effective prices: Pilot study evaluation starting from 820€

NO Royalties applied

Recombinant monoclonal Antibody Pilot Evaluation and Production packages

Recombinant Antibody Pilot evaluation



Gene synthesis
Subcloning into an expression vector
Pilot expression/purification evaluation


7 to 9 weeks


Synthetic genes
Purified antibody (up to 500 µg)

Recombinant Antibody Pilot evaluation + Production



Gene synthesis
Subcloning into an expression vector
Pilot expression/purification evaluation
Large scale production: from mg to gram levels


10 to 13 weeks


Synthetic genes
Purified antibody

Transient expression of Monoclonal Antibody

Step 0: Monoclonal antibody sequencing services
Process Hybridoma cell line
provided by customer
RNA extraction and
cDNA amplification Sequencing analysis
Variable region &
leader sequence sequencing
 Lead time:
3 to 4 weeks
Full length
antibody sequencing
  Lead time:
4 to 5 weeks
Step I: Gene synthesis and cDNA cloning into an expression vector
Process Gene synthesis Codons optimization
for Mammalian expression system
Subcloning into an
expression vector
Delivery of CoA and synthetic genes
cloned into pUC57 plasmid:
Lead time:
3 to 4
Step II: Transient expression and purification evaluation (pilot study)
Process Plasmid amplification
and preparation
of target cells
Expression evaluation
and SDS-PAGE analysis
One-step purification
test (Protein A/G)
QC analysis (SDS-
PAGE / UV280)
Delivery of a detailed report and
a small purified sample if required
Lead time:
4 to 5 weeks

Small scale Transient expression evaluation followed by a One-step purification test (Protein A/G) are performed to determine the production yield and inform customer about the feasibility. Along with our advice and according to the estimated yield, customer will decide to stop or go to the next step with larger scale expression and purification.

Step III: Large scale expression and purification
Process Transient expression One-step purification (Protein A/G) QC analysis (SDS-
PAAGE / UV280)
Delivery of a detailed report
and purified antibody
Lead time:
3 to 4 weeks

Recovery yield guarantee

Amount of purified
antibody required
Prices in euros
tax excluded*
1 mg or less Starting from 1 800€
10 mg
50 mg
100 mg
200 mg
300 mg
500 mg
1 gram

*Pricing guideline for purified antibody based on a yield after purification of 100 mg per liter.

NB: If the estimated yield after transient expression evaluation (pilot study) is lower than 100mg/L, prices of larger scale recombinant antibody production and purification will be updated proportionally according to the estimated yield.


In case ProteoGenix doesn’t reach the requested amount of recombinant antibody production because of batch to batch variations for instance but is close to it, we commit to perform an additional batch to get the missing amount.

If the amount of antibody produced is sufficient for the customer, ProteoGenix will deliver the antibody produced according to the initial pricing guideline described (customer pays only for the quantity delivered).


Otherwise, the customer can decide to stop and doesn’t receive any material. In such case, customer will not be charged for the scale up and only expression and purification tests will be invoiced.

Option (upon request):

  • Additional purification steps (IEX, SEC…)
  • Endotoxin assay and removal
  • Additional QC: Octed Red96 (ForteBio), ChemiDoc (Biorad), Mass Spectometry, SEC-HPLC, ...

Stable cell line expressing Monoclonal Antibody

Stable cell line development is essential for large scale antibody drug production. ProteoGenix offers affordable stable cell line development services through proprietary CHO cell line (Royalty free). Estimated final yield in batch shake flask is 100-200 mg/L and can reach up to 3-4 g/L in fed-batch bioreactor after process optimization.

Step IV: Stable cell line development
Process Plasmid preparation
and linearization
Transfection of
host cell lines
Selection of
stable integrants
Single cell
clones screening
Subcloning of top expressing
clones by limiting dilution
Characterization of clones
in batch culture
Stability study Research Cell Bank
tested for Mycoplasma
Delivery of a detailed report Lead time:
3 to 6 months
Step V: Cell line transfer with all rights
Delivery of 1 clone
(Research Cell Bank)
One-time upfront fee
(Royalty Free)

Recovery yield guarantee

To insure a safe investment to our customers, ProteoGenix offers recovery yield guarantees of the top expressing clone through specific payment conditions according to the stable cell line performance as described below:



Recovery yield of top expressing clone

< 100 mg/L
100-200 mg/L
> 200 mg/L

Total service charged in %
of the total package price


IMPORTANT: If we get a clone expressing at a yield higher than 200mg/L and customer is not willing to pay extra 20%, we deliver any other best clone expressing the antibody at a yield of 100-200 mg/L.

Option (upon request):

  • Single cell clones screening by Octet Red96 (Fortebio)
  • Master and working cell bank development
  • Scale up production / Bioreactor
  • Upstream / Downstream process development

For more information or to get a quote for our recombinant monoclonal antibody services with the use of transient or stable expression, don’t hesitate to contact us.