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ProteoGenix developed XtenCHOTM, the most productive expression system for transient recombinant antibody production, even exceeding ExpiCHO performances! Based on years of research, our proprietary XtenCHOTM cell line gives you access to antibody production over 1g/L, all at the most competitive price of the market!

Why choose ProteoGenix for your recombinant
antibody production?

XtenCHO expression system


Our proprietary expression system even exceeds ExpiCHO’s production yields!

recombinant antibody production at competitive price

Most competitive price

 730 € for 1mg purified antibody* thanks to XtenCHOTM outstanding performances!

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We guarantee the amount ordered following well-established pricing guidelines!

CHO-HEK cell lines

Expression system diversity

Produce your antibodies in HEK or CHO expression systems.

Monoclonal antibody engineering services

Antibody engineering experts

Humanization, affinity maturation, bispecific antibody development… Generate antibody variants that can bring your project far further!

Fast monoclonal antibody production

Short timelines

From your gene sequence to recombinant antibody production in 3-4 weeks!

Our recombinant antibody production
service content

Step Content Timeline Deliverables
Monoclonal antibody sequencing
  • Hybridoma cell line provided by customer
  • RNA extraction and purification
  • Reverse transcription
  • cDNA amplification
  • Sequencing analysis
2 to 3 weeks for variable region & leader sequence
3 to 4 weeks for full length antibody
  • Detailed report
  • Antibody sequence
Gene synthesis and cloning
  • Gene synthesis
  • Codons optimization for Mammalian expression system
  • Subcloning into an expression vector
2 to 3 weeks
  • Synthetic genes cloned into pUC57 plasmid
  • Certificate of analysis (CoA)
Monoclonal antibody production
  • Plasmid amplification and preparation
  • Co-Transfection of target cells
  • Transient expression and purification
  • QC analysis (SDS-PAGE / UV280)
Starting from 3 to 4 weeks
  • Detailed report
  • Purified antibody

Options available (non exhaustive list):

  • Additional purification steps (IEX, SEC…)
  • Endotoxin assay and removal
  • Aggregate analysis : SEC-HPLC
  • KD determination : SPR (Biacore), SPRi (XelPlex), Octet Red96
  • Stability analysis : differential scanning calorimetry, IR

XtenCHOTM: Gold standard expression system for transient monoclonal antibody production

Did you ever think about how to do to get a sufficient amount of antibody without spending a lot of time and money? With XtenCHOTM, you have the right solution!

Thanks to our in-house Xten transfection protocol and our proprietary XtenCHOTM cell line, our mammalian expression system even exceeds the performances of ExpiCHO, the most productive transient expression cell line on the market.

Our Xten expression system is our answer to all your transient recombinant antibody production challenges and significantly reduces the cost of production.

Here are some examples of the incredible results we obtained for the transient expression of Claudiximab, Utolimumab and Pembrolizumab…

If you need even more results to be convinced that XtenCHOTM is the new gold standard for recombinant antibody production, discover other unbelievable results obtained for humanized and bispecific antibodies by downloading our poster

Case study: Pembrolizumab recombinant antibody production

Aim of the study

Here, we showcase the recombinant antibody production of Pembrolizumab using our proprietary Xten expression system.

Genes and Expression Vectors

The genes coding for the Heavy chain (HC) and the light chain (LC) of the therapeutic antibody Pembrolizumab were chemically synthesized with optimizations for expression in CHO cells. The genes were cloned in ProteoGenix’s proprietary mammalian cells expression vector pTXs1. The vector map is provided in the PDF report.

Small-scale monoclonal antibody production and purification tests

An endotoxin-free DNA preparation was done for the pTXs1 expression constructions. By using the proprietary Xten transfection protocol, the plasmids were then transiently transfected in the proprietary XtenCHOTM cells. Culture medium was collected and production yield was determined by Octet Red analysis. The recombinant antibody was then purified by affinity vs. protein G.

Recombinant antibody production QC

QC of the purified Pembrolizumab. Coomassie blue staining.

A. Non-reduced SDS-PAGE.  B. Reduced SDS-PAGE.

Pembrolizumab antibody expression results

Antibody Production Yield Purity
Pembrolizumab 235mg/L >95%

What are the benefits of
recombinant antibody production?

Recombinant antibody production has been a major breakthrough in the therapeutic antibody development context as it leads to several advantages over the “traditional” antibody production method from hybridoma.


Reproducibility, control and security

Monoclonal antibody production for therapeutic applications requires high control and reproducibility. Because crucial parameters such as DNA and protein sequence are chemically defined, recombinant antibody production allows creating a standardized process for monoclonal antibody production with very low batch-to-batch variations. As recombinant antibody production starts from a known antibody or DNA sequence, mutations or cell-line drift that can occur in hybridoma cell lines are also obviated.


High purity

Recombinant antibody production leads to high purity grade due to the absence of serum contaminants.


Engineering and reformatting

Recombinant monoclonal antibody production allows getting access to the control of the antibody structure at the genetic level. This is particularly important when it comes to therapeutic antibody development as it permits to modulate the pharmacological properties of an antibody.

The possibility to modify the gene that will further be expressed by a selected expression system gives also access to an infinite range of solutions in terms of:

No animal use

Today, more and more attention is dedicated to ethics and animal welfare. Thanks to recombinant production technology, the antibody production process can be completely without animal use.

Transient or stable? Which recombinant antibody
production service should you choose?

Choosing the most appropriate solution for your monoclonal antibody production can have a major impact on your project, for instance in terms of time. For this reason, we put at your disposal this short section explaining how to decide between transient or stable antibody expression.

Recombinant antibody production offers a main advantage: it allows rapid production of a relatively large amount of antibody. However, in transient transfection, the transfected gene does not integrate the host genome and can be lost in several days (over a short time period, several days). Thus, it can be the perfect solution for short-term applications such as small-scale protein expression.

Stable cell line generation is related to the integration of a synthetic gene into the host genome of the expression system. As it can be a long and complicated development process (>3 months), stable cell lines are privileged for long-term applications such as therapeutic antibody production. For large scale bioproduction, stable cell line allows to construct a standardized process which guarantees higher yield and quality control.

For any additional question, please feel free to contact our PhD account manager who will be glad to guide you toward the most suitable antibody production solution.

Monoclonal antibody production
from gene to bioproduction

ProteoGenix has guided thousands of researchers throughout their monoclonal antibody production projects since 2003. As a one-stop solution provider, we master the whole antibody development process from antibody generation by hybridoma development or antibody phage display to recombinant antibody production in XtenCHOTM and stable cell line generation. Trusting ProteoGenix, a monoclonal antibody production leader, is a guarantee to take your project to next level!

*at least 4 antibodies