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Datasheet of Polymorphprep™

About Polymorphprep™

Polymorphprep™ is a ready-made, sterile and endotoxin tested solution used to isolate polymorphonuclear granulocytes from blood. It is the ideal medium for neutrophils and eosinophils.
The mononuclear and the polymorphonuclear leucocytes are separated into two distinct bands free from red blood cells.
The temperature of the blood sample and the medium should be kept between 18-22°C.
Temperature variations may affect the density and the viscosity of Polymorphprep™ solution which may lead to poor outcome.
Please note: The method is effective only with whole undiluted blood not with a leukocyte-rich fraction.

Product namePolymorphprep™
Delivery conditionRoom temperature
Delivery lead time in business days• Europe: 1-2 days
• USA& Canada: 2-3 days
• Rest of the World: 3-7 days
Storage condition

Storage and Stability Conditions of Polymorphprep™

• Polymorphprep™ should be stored at room temperature (20°C).
• It’s stable for 3 years provided the solution is kept sterile and protected from light.
• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight leads to release of iodine from the Sodium Diatrizoate molecule (this effect is negligible when working with the solution on a day to day basis.)
ApplicationsIsolation of human polymorphonuclear cells
CompositionThe solution contains Sodium Diatrizoate and Dextran 500 in the following concentrations:

• Sodium diatrizoate 13.8% (w/v)
• Dextran 500 8.0 (w/v)
Principle of the separation procedure

How Polymorphprep™ works

Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs) has a lower buoyant density than erythrocytes (1.09-1.11 g/ml) but a higher buoyant density than the mononuclear cells (higher than 1.085 g/ml). Therefore, it is difficult to isolate polymorphonuclear granulocytes using a density barrier similar to that used for mononuclear cell. Several procedures have been developed to overcomes these issues.
The high osmolality of Polymorphprep™ causes erythrocytes to lose water and shrink, thus increasing their effective buoyant densities. This allows the dextran aggregated erythrocytes to sediment rapidly through the dense medium.
As the cells sediment further into the medium, the osmotic gradient between the medium and the erythrocytes declines. This means that water loss from the erythrocytes is greater at the top of the Polymorphprep™ and progressively decreases as they sediment further. A gradient of diatrizoate is formed within the density barrier. The PMNs band within this density gradient while the mononuclear cells remain at the sample/medium interface.

Polymorphprep™ vs Ficoll-Paque

• Ficoll-Paque (GE Health Care) is not endotoxin tested at a base level and higher price
• Unlike Polymorphprep, Ficoll-Paque is not manufactured under EU cGMP compliance.
AlternativesPolymorphprep™ can be a good substitute for Ficoll-Paque
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Publication mentioning Polymorphprep™

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