Lymphoprep™ Tube


18x10ml, 30x2ml


Product type

Product nameLymphoprep™ Tube
Delivery conditionRoom temperature
Delivery lead time in business days• Europe: 1-2 days
• USA& Canada: 2-3 days
• Rest of the World: 3-7 days
Storage condition

Storage and Stability Conditions of Lymphoprep™

Should be stored at room temperature.
Lymphoprep™ is stable for 3 years provided the solution is kept sterile and protected from light.
Avoid long exposures to sunlight ( NB. The effect of sunlight exposure is negligible when working with Lymphoprep™ on a day to day basis).
ApplicationsCell Isolation
CompositionThe solution contains sodium diatrizoate and polysaccharide in the following concentrations:
Sodium Diatrizoate 9.1% (w/v)
Polysaccharide 5.7% (w/v)

Lymphoprep™ Tube vs Ficoll-Paque & Histopaque 1077

• Low endoxin
• Less expensive
• Lymphoprep™ is the only product of its kind produced under GMP conditions
• Can be a good substitute for Ficoll-Paque™ with no further change of the existing protocols

Lymphoprep™ Tube can be a good substitute for:

Buffy booster
Cell separation media
Related ProductsOptiPrep: The ideal density gradient medium
Lymphoprep: Isolation of human mononuclear cells
Nycodenz AG: A universal density gradient medium
Polymorphprep: Isolation of human polymorphonuclear cells

Publication mentioning Lymphoprep™ Tube

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About Lymphoprep™ Tube

• Lymphoprep™ is a ready-made, sterile and endotoxin-tested density gradient medium used to isolate mononuclear cells issued from cord blood, peripheral blood and bone marrow based on their cell density.
• Granuloc


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