Human CD177 recombinant protein

Reference: PX-P6219-100
Product nameHuman CD177 recombinant protein
Uniprot IDQ8N6Q3
Origin speciesHomo sapiens (Human)
Expression systemEukaryotic expression
Molecular weight44.37 kDa
Protein delivered with Tag?C-Terminal His Tag
Purity estimated>85% by SDS-PAGE
Buffer0.01M PBS, pH 7.4.
Delivery conditionDry Ice
Storage condition4°C for short term (1 week), -20°C or -80°C for long term (avoid freezing/thawing cycles; addition of 20-40% glycerol improves cryoprotection)
Host speciesMammalian cells
Fragment TypeMet1-Gly408
Aliases /SynonymsCD177, NB1 GP, HNA-2a, Human neutrophil alloantigen 2a, NB1, PRV-1, CD177 antigen, Polycythemia rubra vera protein 1, NB1 glycoprotein, PRV1
NoteFor research use only


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