Human CD172a/SIRPA Monoclonal Antibody

Reference: PTX18164-100
Uniprot linkP78324
FormLiquid in PBS buffer, pH 7.4
Delivery conditionDry ice
Storage condition4°C for short term (1 week), store at -20°C to -80°C for long term(1 year); Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles
Host speciesMouse
Aliases /SynonymsBIT, Signal-regulatory protein alpha-1, Brain Ig-like molecule with tyrosine-based activation motifs, MFR, SIRP, Sirp-alpha-1, Sirp-alpha-2, PTPNS1, SIRPA, SHP substrate 1, CD172 antigen-like family member A, Sirp-alpha-3, Inhibitory receptor SHPS-1, Signal-regulatory protein alpha-3, CD172a, Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type substrate 1, MyD-1 antigen, Bit, SHPS-1, Macrophage fusion receptor, Signal-regulatory protein alpha-2, SHPS1, MYD1, p84
ClonalityMonoclonal Antibody
PurificationProtein A or G purified.
Clone Name18D5
Protein NameCD172a/SIRPA
Target speciesAnti-Human Monoclonal Antibody


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