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Product nameCow SAA3 Recombinant Protein
Uniprot IDQ8SQ28
Uniprot link
Origin speciesCow
Expression systemProkaryotic expression
Molecular weight14,19 kDa
Protein delivered with Tag?Yes
Purity estimated90%
BufferPBS, imidazole 400mM, pH7.4
Delivery conditionDry Ice
Delivery lead time in business days10-25
Storage condition4°C for short term (1 week), -20°C or -80°C for long term (avoid freezing/thawing cycles; addition of 20-40% glycerol improves cryoprotection)
Host speciesEscherichia coli (E.coli)
Fragment TypePartial
Protein AccessionNP_851359.2
Spec:Entrez GeneID281474
NCBI ReferenceNP_851359.2
Aliases /SynonymsSAA3, serum amyloid A 3 precursor
NoteFor research use only

Description of Cow SAA3 Recombinant Protein

About the Cow SAA3 Protein

The Serum Amyloid A3 (SAA3) is a SAA isoform expressed in colostrum and milk of Bos Taurus (usual cows in Europe) and secreted in particular from uterine cervix cells and mammary gland. The SAA3 protein is a high-density lipoprotein particle (HDL).This type of proteins are usually product in the liver. SAA3 is an acute phase protein (APP) which is participating in the innate immune response. Serum Amyloid A are expressed in high concentrations during inflammation causing by viral or bacterial infections. These high expressions can be measured as a veterinarian diagnosis tool to identify intra-mammal infections in cows, as the level of SAA3 increases during inflammation processes. It is also expressed in variable levels during lactation period.

Functions of SAA3 protein

Several immunological functions of the SAA3 protein have been identified, such as opsonisation of bacteria, activation of metalloproteinase expression in immune cells, chemotaxis of immune cells, such as leukocytes, and cytokine modulation. In general, SAA3 protein is protecting organism as an anti-inflammatory factor.

Which research area?

The Cow SAA3 recombinant protein could be used for experiences of immunomodulation. Proteogenix offers this Cow SAA3 recombinant protein expressed in prokaryotic system to improve knowledge about immunity and inflammation mechanisms.

SDS-PAGE For Cow SAA3 Recombinant Protein

Cow SAA3 Recombinant Protein, on SDS-PAGE under non-reducing condition. The gel was stained overnight with Coomassie Blue. The purity of the protein is greater than 95%.


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