CD95 Recombinant Protein

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CD95 (APO-1 / Fas) is an important inducer of the extreme apoptosis signaling pathway. Therapeutic induction of apoptosis of many tumor cells has been linked to the activity of CD95. It is a typical death receptor, characterized by the presence of an 8 amino acid death domain in its cytoplasmic tail. This advantage is essential for the recruitment of a large number of signal components after activation of the agonist anti-CD95 antibody or bound CD95 ligand that initiates apoptosis. The protein complex formed after the release of CD95 is called the lethal induction signal complex. DISK is composed of adaptive proteins and priming caspins, which are essential to induce apoptosis. CD95 is also the key to negative selection of B cells in the reproductive center (GC). Impairment of CD95-mediated apoptosis leads to impaired affinity maturation and persistence of spontaneous B cell clones. Changes in the expression of CD95 and / or its CD95L ligand are often found in human cancers. CD95 down-regulation or mutation has been proposed to be a mechanism by which cancer cells prevent destruction of the immune system through reduced sensitivity to apoptosis. Therefore, CD95 is considered a tumor remover. CD95 is reported to be involved in the activation of NF-?B, MAPK3 / ERK1, MAPK8 / JNK, and alternative pathways of CTL-mediated cytotoxicity. Therefore, the protein is involved in the pathogenesis of various malignant tumors and diseases of the immune system. The CD95 / CD95L system is related to the etiology of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), mainly because CD95 is found to be highly expressed in intestinal epithelial cells and increases epithelial cell apoptosis in IBD.

Product nameCD95 Recombinant Protein
Origin speciesHomo sapiens (Human)
Expression systemEukaryotic expression
Molecular weight30kDa
Purity estimated>90% by SDS-PAGE
BufferC-terminal His Tag
Delivery conditionDry Ice
Storage conditionStore at - 20? to -80?. It is recommended that the protein be aliquoted for optimal storage.
Host speciesMammalian cells
Fragment TypeMet1~Asn173
Aliases /SynonymsAPT1, FAS1, TNFRSF6
NoteFor research use only


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