Choose the best gene optimization algorithm. 0.21e per bp for gene synthesis

Gene synthesis at 0.21€ per base pair*


Maximize your protein expression yields with our unique experimental data based algorithm for gene optimization.


With more than 12 years of experience in gene synthesis and protein production in many systems, ProteoGenix perfectly knows how important gene sequence optimization is to increase production yields.


ProteoGenix, has made a new important progress in the development of its algorithm. We have collected experimental data from the expression of different variants of the same protein to modify our codon usage algorithm.


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Using experimental data has proven to be much more efficient than using general codon frequency tables of the corresponding genome. Besides, codon usage is not the unique parameter that can affect protein expression. Other factors such as mRNA structure and stability also play an important role in this. That’s why our algorithm is more considered as a “gene optimization tool” rather than a basic “codon optimization tool” only. The consequence is a clear increase in protein expression levels from 2 to 15 fold.


Our proprietary algorithm takes into consideration the following parameters, among others:

• Codon usage bias (experimental data based)
• Codon Adaptation Index
• GC content
• mRNA structure
• RNA stability
• Codon context
• Enzyme sites removal, repeats, cis-acting sequences, other unwanted sequences, etc.


Additionally, we are pleased to offer you a special discount on gene synthesis in order for you to benefit from our gene synthesis expertise.


Standard service

Eco service

0,27€ / bp

0,21€ / bp

< 2 kb 16 business days < 0,5 kb 17-22 business days
< 3 kb 20 business days < 2 kb 27-32 business days

Express service

Gene fragments

0,65€ / bp

< 0,5 kb, 5-7 business days,

105 €

< 1 kb 7 business days

< 0,75 kb, 5-7 business days,

155 €

< 2 kb 12 business days For bigger genes, contact us



To qualify for this promotion, you need to mention the promotional code NLGS1115* when requesting your free quotation and we need to receive your order until December 28th 2015 included


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