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Virology is the study of viruses which are organism composed of genetic material encapsulated in a protein envelope. This branch of microbiology covers the classification and evolution of viruses, their structure, and their ability to infect and grow thanks to targeted host, the diseases that they cause and interaction with the host immune system. They are also used in medicines and research for their ability to enter and use the host system.
Proteogenix offers proteins and antibodies for virology research. Notably, we offer a wide range of Covid19 products as Proteogenix was soon engaged at the side of microbiologist to understand and develop therapeutics against this world pandemic.

Virology science


Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacterias. These organisms are able to transfer their genetic material from one cell to another. This specificity has been extensively used in biology in order to insert a gene in a host cell. Thus transduction uses viral vectors to bring genetic material into host cells.

Viral disease

Viruses are responsible for main diseases around the world such as cold, hepatitis, Dengue, polio, smallpox or AIDS. They are also suspected to encourage other illnesses such as Alzheimer's. Oncoviruses are also known as factors in the development of cancers. Viruses trigger the immune response upon infection. They can either be lethal or not for the cell as they use its machinery. Vaccination is settled to boost the production of antibodies against a dedicated virus in order to prevent infection.

Virus classification

Viruses may be classified according to the type of their genetic content. Thus DNA viruses, RNA viruses and reverse transcribing viruses. Virology also extends its study to viral particles such as viroids, satellites and prions.

Covid 19

The Corona Virus pandemic from 2019 has concentrated the focus on virology research area. Virologists have studied this unique pandemic to foresee the consequences and evolution of the infections rates.

Influenza virus

As another virus example, influenza virus has long been studied because of its epidemics of flu it causes. The interest in studying such well known organism is also to pinpoint its mutations and resistance evolutions.
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