XtenCHO ™ Starter kit

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Product nameXtenCHO ™ Starter kit
Expression systemEukaryotic expression
Delivery conditionDry Ice for cells and reagent tubes, Blue ice for the XtenCHO™ Expression Medium
Delivery lead time in business daysEurope: 5-7 business days
USA & Canada: 7-10 business days
Rest of the world: 5-12 business days
Storage condition+4°C and DI
Host speciesMammalian cells
NoteFor research use only
Kit Content
  • XtenCHO™ cells : 2 cryotubes of 1 ml
  • pXten1 Expression Vector: 1 microtube of 10 µl
  • XtenCHO™ Expression Medium :1 bottle of 1 L
  • Antibody Expression Positive Control Vector: 1 microtube of 150 µl
  • XtenFect Reagent, Stock solution: 1 microtube stock solution of 0.51 ml
  • XtenFect Reagent, Working solution: 3 microtubes of 1.44 ml
  • XtenCHO™ Enhancer: 3 microtubes of 1.2 ml
Limited Use Label LicensesLimited Use Label License for internal Research and Development Use of Mammalian Cell Lines Notice to Purchaser: The purchase of this product conveys to the purchaser the limited, non-transferable right to use the purchased amount of the product and progeny, to perform internal research and development for the sole benefit of the purchaser. The purchase of this product does not grant the purchaser any additional rights, including, without limitation: (a) the right to use the product or its components in commercial applications of any kind, including bioproduction (e.g. use of the product to manufacture therapeutic agents or diagnostic test components, such as proteins, antibodies, viral particles or virus-like particles), quality control and commercial services such as reporting the results of purchaser’s activities for a fee or other form of consideration; (b) the right to use the product or its components as a therapeutic agent or diagnostic test component; (c) the right to use the product or its components to produce material for use in human clinical trials; or (d) the right to transfer or resell the product or its components in any form, progeny or derivative. For information on obtaining additional rights, please contact us at contact@proteogenix.fr, Licensing and Commercial Supply, ProteoGenix, 19 rue de La Haye 67300 Schiltigheim, France. TRADEMARKS: All trademarks are the property of ProteoGenix and its subsidiaries unless otherwise specified.

Description of XtenCHO ™ Starter kit

XtenCHO™ mammalian expression system

The new XtenCHO™ mammalian expression system is specifically designed as a rapid and cost-effective solution for recombinant protein expression, ideal for a wide range of applications from small- and medium-scale production to rapid screening of drug candidates, protein variants, and more.
Drawing from 28+ years of experience, XtenCHO™ combines the high expression levels and robustness of a new Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell line with the optimal efficiency of our proprietary transfection reagent – XtenFect™ – to offer a suite of advantages:
• Up to 10x higher yield than other commercial systems*
• An enhanced plasmid retention (14+ day transient gene expression – TGE) achieved through highly efficient transfection that preserves cell viability, enhances plasmid stability, and boosts protein expression without the need for additional feeds
• Smarter protocols with fewer steps, designed to simplify and accelerate your workflow, all accompanied by strong and responsive technical support
• No need for case-by-case optimization due to the high expression of the pXen1 vector
• Optimal protein folding and human-like post-translational modifications
• Biopharmaceutical-grade production for a fraction of the cost
• Increased safety due to the enhanced viral resistance of CHO cells compared to Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK) cells
• Flexible and scalable production (from 1mL to 10 L) designed to fit your specific needs
• Worldwide shipping in 24 hours or less
• A proven track record with 3500+ proteins successfully expressed

Compared to other commercial systems, XtenCHO™ outperformed competitors with a 1.5 to 9.7-fold* increase in yields:
• Record productivity achieved for IgG-like antibodies (1280 mg/L for Claudiximab)
• Bispecific antibodies (>100mg/L)
• Humanized antibody variants (>200mg/L)
• Non-antibody proteins (>100mg/L for ACE2 with excellent enzymatic activity)
• Pentameric IgM antibodies
• Among others

The XtenCHO™ kit includes our proprietary chemically defined, animal-free expression media to ensure the optimal performance, and provides you with our efficient expression booster – XtenCHO™ Enhancer – and control plasmids for maximum control and flexibility.

Why use XtenCHO™ for your biopharmaceutical research projects?

For decades, biomolecules entering phase I clinical trials have had a low success rate of less than 10%. However, almost three quarters of the biopharmaceuticals that have gained approval are produced in CHO-based systems. A closer look at the data suggests that CHO-based systems may be able to overcome early developmental issues that are the most common hinderance to success.
XtenCHO™ allows the production of high-quality recombinant proteins for extensive early bioanalysis, facilitating early detection of any potential developability problems and increasing your chances of success.
With ultra-high-yields, rapid production, and protein folding and P&trade comparable to clinical-grade biopharmaceuticals, XtenCHO™ is uniquely suited for the rapid testing of drug candidates or protein variants generated by random or targeted mutagenesis.

Why use XtenCHO™ for your research applications?

While bioassays are invaluable research and monitoring tools across major industries – including medicine, food production, environmental analysis – they often rely on antibodies natively produced in hybridomas, leading to lower purity and limited accuracy and precision. But the future is changing. With its CHO-based recombinant expression, XtenCHO™ allows you to achieve higher yields, improve batch-to-batch consistency, and enhance purity in a cost-effective way. With smart protocols, XtenCHO™ will fit seamlessly into your in-house workflows and adapt to your protein production needs.

Up to 10x higher yields without supplemental feeds

Therapeutic antibodies from several IgG subclasses and isotypes (IgG1-kappa and lambda, IgG2-lambda, IgG4-kappa) were produced with XtenCHO ™ cells and in parallel with CHO-S ™ and ExpiCHO ™ expression systems. XtenCHO ™ cells were transfected with ProteoGenix' proprietary TGE system (transfection protocol, transfection reagent and culture medium). CHO-S ™and ExpiCHO ™ cells were transfected according to manufacturer's instructions for each expression system (protocol, reagents and culture medium). Determination of production yields was done with an Octet Red96 system (Protein G biosensor).


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