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Custom monoclonal antibody service


ProteoGenix offers unique high-class monoclonal antibody packages, with high levels of guarantee. Offering such guarantees is only possible because our success rate is high, since we put incomparable effort into all the development process. The following features are the main explanation for the high success rate of our custom monoclonal antibody services:


      • We attach great importance to antigen design and production, as it is a key factor of success.


      • Our great expertise in molecular biology and protein production, allows us to use all necessary means to produce the most appropriate antigen. We work with five different expression systems (E. coli, B. subtilis, yeast (P. pastoris, S. cerevisiae), insect cells and mammalian cells) and thousands of protein expression strategies.

      • Our screenings are performed when possible directly in the target application and not by ELISA.


      • Depending on the package, we fuse the spleen cells from two mice in order to increase the clones’ variety.


      • We send supernatants from parental clones to the customer to select the best ones on native samples in the target application.


      • We provide purified antibodies in most packages along with the hybridoma in order to quickly test the antibodies.


According to your final application, your budget, and the level of guarantee you are looking for, you will surely find a package among those below that will meet your expectations. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and let us know precisely what kind of monoclonal antibody service you need.


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