ProteoGenix, multi-service provider

Since its inception in 2003, ProteoGenix has striven to provide high quality guaranteed services at reasonable prices. Our complementary multi-service positioning has driven us to offer a wide range of service around four major pillars:

Peptide synthesis

Antibody production

Gene synthesis

Protein production


We are truly convinced that this positioning is highly beneficial to our customers since our strong experience in all of them enables us to study projects and design production processes and strategies taking into account all parameters throughout the process. It is for instance crucial when developing an antibody to carefully think about the antigen (peptide or protein) production strategy and therefore also the construct to be synthesized. The early steps of such processes are usually very important and very often the strategies are not designed carefully.


Our broad experience in these related services considerably influences the success rate of our projects. Our high throughput platform allows to screen thousands of conditions in a couple weeks only at very low cost per conditions and the obtained results always increases our understanding of the most relevant conditions to test according to the protein, antibody or peptide type to be produced. Such a broad experience has naturally led us to propose complete packages with unrivaled levels of guarantees in our customers’ applications.

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