With more than 13 years of experience (since 2003) in gene synthesis, subcloning, recombinant protein production, and antibody development, ProteoGenix perfectly understands how important gene optimization, synthesis and subcloning are for the development of reagents. Our high success rate in protein and antibody production also relies on the quality of our gene sequence engineering work and codon optimization service, both of which are based on strong empirical data.


Our Gene synthesis services

ProteoGenix has developed four different gene synthesis services to meet all our customers' requirements.

Up to 1250bp
Lead time
(business days)
±9 ±12 ±14
<7 7 12 -
Price Min. 140€ 0.28€/bp Upon request Starting at

We’re able to synthetize from short to very long (>10 000bp) genes, for any gene synthesis request >3kb don’t hesitate to contact us.

ProteoGenix guarantees

  • Double-stranded cDNA synthesis
  • Sequence delivered = 100% accuracy guaranteed by quality control
  • Sequencing
  • Efficiency >99.9%
  • Gene Mutagenesis run to remove errors
  • Delivery of 5µg of lyophilized gene in a pUC57, pUC-SP or pBluescriptIISK+ vector included

    -> Or any vector of your choice


Complementary services

  • Free codon optimization
  • ProteoGenix has developed a unique codon optimization algorithm based on experimental data
What is codon optimization?
Each living species has a different preference for codon usage. The redundancy of the genetic code allows the exchange of rare codons for the most widely used codons encoding the same amino acid. For recombinant protein production purpose, this exchange permits a better expression of the protein in the chosen organism.

Codon optimization is widely used for:

Recombinant protein production in various expression systems
Cell transfection
Gene therapy
Genetic immunization


  • Sub-cloning: into one of our vector or directly into yours
  • Site-directed mutagenesis from any existing template provided
  • Gene variant libraries with particular changes in one or more designed position(s)
ProteoGenix can provide gene variant libraries with changes in one or several positions. This service can be very useful for high-throughput screening for applications such as protein engineering (change/mutation of AAs in one or several positions), and high quality plasmid preparation, including endotoxin-free plasmids for transformation, transfection, or in vitro transcription


  • Storage

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