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  ProteoGenix launches new UNRIVALED high-class monoclonal antibody packages to maximize the chance to get the perfect antibodies you need.

Our Application-Guaranteed mabs Package list:

Package Name Code Guarantee Application
Peptide PACK9M 1 clone validated by ProteoGenix in ELISA
Modification specific PACK8M ELISA
Standard Elisa PACK1M ELISA
Premium WB PACK3M

1 clone validated by customer in

Premium Flow Cytometry PACK4M FC
Flow Cytometry PACK4MBis FC
Premium Elisa PACK2M ELISA
Premium IF PACK6M IF
Premium IP PACK7M IP
Premium Elisa Sandwich PACK5M 2 clones validated by customer in Elisa Sandwich

UNRIVALED service:

1 - FC, IP, WB, IF and ELISA sandwich application guaranteed packages in customer's experiment* 2 - Antigen production in 2 systems chosen between E. coli, B. subtilis, Yeast, Insect cells, Mammalian cells* 3 - Screening directly in the targeted application* 4 - Complete and advanced antigen design for an antigen production that leads to success

Package content:

Package type Stand. Elisa Prem. Elisa Prem. WB Prem. FC FC Elisa  Sand. Prem. IF Prem. IP Peptide Modif. Specif Prem. IHC
Code / content PACK1M PACK2M PACK3M PACK4M

PACK4M bis

Gene synthesis  
Antigen Production
Immu, fusion, screening, cloning
Screening in Elisa
Screening in specific appli.
Purified antibody production
Antibody conjugation
Sandwich Elisa pair test

Combining our 15 years of experience in gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, protein production and antibody development is the key to succeed in almost all projects. Indeed, we take into consideration parameters from these 4 services to imagine the best development strategies.

We all know how important it is to be able to produce the most appropriate antigen to succeed in developing the best hybridomas. But it is also important to select the best clones in the targeted application. Our guarantee that the clones will work in your experiment (your application and samples) ensures you that we'll use all means and efforts to deliver hybridomas producing the perfect antibodies you need.

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*Not included in all packages